If you want to become an ART AGAINST PLASTIC®’s artist/seller you must fit to our profile and agree with the following:


  • Be an artist or represent one.
  • Follow, accept and comply with our policies and rules described in the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy sections.
  • Sign an individual contract
  • Want to make an impact!
  • Want to sell sustainable!
  • Every art or functional art piece sold on our platform must not be offered elsewhere for the time being, due to the conflict of interests that might occur. * It refers only to the piece offered and not the artist’s work in general. Our aim is to be unique, so this is important for us.
  • 20% commission.
  • No additional monthly fees!
  • No additional fees per piece!
  • Listings are active for six months or until they are sold.
  • Love Nature!
  • Don’t litter!

    *5% of our profits will be donated to Art Against Plastic Foundation

Please address all requests for becoming an ART AGAINST PLASTIC®’s artist/seller to : k.bonev@artagainstplastic.com