Art Against Plastic 


The Sustainable E-commerce Platform

What is Art Against Plastic?

A one of a kind global online platform, that connects artists and craftsmen with potantial buyers and unites them in the fight against plastic pollution!
People selling the things they love creating to buyers looking for something different, something beautiful, an alternative with a human touch for the special moments in life.


Art is certainly not limited to expressing one’s feelings and emotions through the creation of physical objects from different materials. It actually includes architecture, photography, literature and performance arts such as dance, music, theatre and cinematography.

Starting with selling art and functional art, our aim is to engage everyone in the art universe in the fight against plastic!


Live together, act together!

Art Against Plastic is an initiative that has begun due to the unprecedented amount of plastic and in particular micro plastic waste around the world. We could no longer be part of the problem and decided to be part of the solution!

Every day an enormous amount of plastic waste in any form gets not only into the seas and oceans, but also in almost every water reservoir and river, in almost every part of land and even in the air currents. We aim to make the numbers reverse in our favor by cleaning daily plastic waste from different places around the world.

By selling art and functional art from various artists and craftsmen around the world, and from donations we will finance the clean-ups, and the awareness and prevention campaigns. 

We are located in Bansko, Bulgaria and our focus will be on the Balkan Peninsula.


Join the Cause!

Join the movement in any way suitable for you!

Our Mission & Approach

Our mission is to clean as much plastic waste as we can, preventing it from getting into the ecosystem and  into our food chain.

To inform as many people as we can about the problem and about its solutions.

Our Strategy includes:

Physical cleaning

  • Manually
  • With boats and nets
  • Means of retaining the garbage using currents
  • Divers
  • Organizing cleaning campaigns in different locations.


    Awareness and prevention

    • Informative campaigns in kindergardens, schools, universities and other public places on global plastic and micro-plastic contamination and its prevention in the future
    • After cleaning the area – putting up of informative and appealing signs
    • Locating illegal dumps and notifying local authorities about them, as well as monitoring and assisting the process of clearing them
    • Engaging public figures to support the cause
    • Working together with other environmental protection organizations
    • Influencers in social media platforms.

    “Beauty will save the world”

    Fyodor Dostoevsky

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